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Arothron caeruleopunctatus

Blue-spotted puffer

Arothron carduus

Arothron diadematus


Masked puffer

Tetraodon diadematus

Arothron firmamentum

Starry toado

Tetraodon firmamentum

Arothron gillbanksii

Arothron hispidus


White-spotted puffer

Tetraodon hispidus, Tetraodon perspicillaris, Tetraodon semistriatus

Arothron immaculatus

Ungefleckter Kugelfisch

Immaculate puffer

Tetraodon aspilos, Tetraodon parvus, Tetraodon immaculatus, Tetraodon scaber, Tetraodon sordidus

Arothron inconditus

Bellystriped blaasop

Arothron leopardus

Banded leopardblowfish

Arothron manilensis

Gestreifter Kugelfisch

Narrow lined puffer

Arothron mappa

Map puffer

Tetraodon mappa

Arothron meleagris

Guineafowl puffer

Tetraodon meleagris, Arothron ophryas

Arothron nigropunctatus

Blackspotted puffer

Tetraodon nigropunctatus, Arothron citrinellus

Arothron reticularis


Reticulated pufferfish

Tetraodon reticularis

Arothron stellatus


Starry toadfish

Tetraodon stellatus, Tetraodon calamara, Tetraodon aerostatious, Arothron aerostaticus, Arothron alboreticulatus, Chelonodon stellaris

Displaying results 1 to 15 out of 15

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