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Canthigaster amboinensis

Spider-eye puffer

Canthigaster polyophthalmus

Canthigaster bennetti

Bennett's sharpnose puffer

Canthigaster constellatus

Canthigaster callisterna

Clown toado

Canthigaster capistrata

Macaronesian sharpnose-puffer

Canthigaster compressa


Compressed toby

Tetraodon compressa

Canthigaster coronata

Crowned puffer

Tetraodon coronatus, Canthigaster axiologus, Canthigaster cinctus, Canthigaster coronatus

Canthigaster cyanetron

Canthigaster epilampra

Lantern toby

Canthigaster figueiredoi

Southern Atlantic sharpnose-puffer

Canthigaster flavoreticulata

Canthigaster inframacula

Canthigaster investigatoris

Canthigaster jactator

Hawaiian whitespotted toby

Canthigaster jamestyleri

Canthigaster janthinoptera

Honeycomb toby

Canthigaster leoparda

Leopard sharpnose puffer

Canthigaster magaritata

Tetraodon magaritata

Canthigaster marquesensis

Canthigaster natalensis

Natal toby

Canthigaster ocellicincta

Shy toby

Canthigaster ocellicauda

Canthigaster papua

Papuan toby

Tetraodon papua

Canthigaster punctata

Canthigaster punctatissima

Spotted sharpnosed puffer

Canthigaster brederi, Canthigaster punctatissimus reticulatus, Sphoeroides brunneus

Canthigaster pygmaea

Pygmy toby

Canthigaster rapaensis

Canthigaster rivulata

Brown-lined puffer

Tetraodon rivulatus, Canthigaster caudofasciatus, Canthigaster notospilus

Canthigaster rostrata

Caribbean sharpnose-puffer

Canthigaster rostratus

Canthigaster sanctaehelenae

St. Helena sharpnose pufferfish

Canthigaster smithae

Bicolored toby

Canthigaster solandri

Spotted sharpnose

Canthigaster australis, Canthigaster glaucospilotus, Canthigaster saipanensis

Canthigaster supramacula

West African sharpnose-puffer

Canthigaster tyleri

Tyler's toby

Canthigaster valentini

Valentinni's sharpnose puffer

Tetraodon valentini, Tetraodon gronovii

Displaying results 1 to 33 out of 33

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