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Equipment of a seawater tank

It is difficult to make general statements about the equipment for a large group of seawater puffers. But there are certain basic rules that should be followed.


The absolute necessity is fine coral sand on the bottom of the tank for all breeds. The size of the grain is ideally between 0,5mm and maximum 3mm. Most of the puffer fishes need the fine ground to search for food by digging in the ground or to dig themselves in for the purpose of hunting.


The constuction of reef depends on the breed that is kept. Reef- related puffers, for instance the family of canthigaster, need a fitting reef with a lot of caves and room for manoeuvres. All other families also need reeves with caves to hide away but they should also get provided with a ground of sand and sea grass. Cauler couples have proven in the tank. Most of the puffer fishes use sea grass as sleep-, food - (because many little animals gather there as well) and resting place.


Because of these reasons, you should head for a big ground area for the puffer fishes to satisfy their swim and search drive (Puffers are very curious), whilst the height is not too important. Don’t get fooled by the large amount of rest phases of some breeds. Puffer fishes have a high need of swimming when they are fine. One of our marine puffer tanks has a ground area of 200cm by 120cm with a high of just 50cm. The puffer fishes feel very comfortable in there.


Keeping more puffers, you must be concerned, that every puffer can build his own territory with the possibility of retraction (cave).

Every puffer needs his own cave with a great estuary around. (Haus mit Garten. lol )

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