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Characteristics of Tetraodon kretamensis

Tetraodon kretamensis

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scientific name

Tetraodon kretamensis

German Name


English Name

Kretam puffer

First characterisation

1953 von Inger


Fish size

~ 4,5 cm





Diese Art zeigt, ebenso wie T. sabahensis, sehr große ähnlichkeiten mit T. nigroviridis. Die Ähnlichkeiten sind so groß, dass zumindest Jungtiere dieser drei Arten auf den ersten Blick gar nicht unterscheidbar scheinen. Einige Autoren gehen davon aus, dass sie zu einer Art zusammengefasst gehören. Zumindest T. kretamensis aber ist eindeutig von den beiden anderen Arten aufgrund seines anders geformten Nasalorgans zu unterscheiden.

“(...) nasal organ a tentacle, more than distal half of which is divided in two flattened lobes; apposed surfaces of lobes always without spongy tissue. Colour in alcohol. - Ground colour of upper parts tan, of belly yellowish white; both colours often separated by an irregular dark band running from mouth below eye and pectoral fin to meet band of other side at anus or behind; back and sides with round and oblong dark spots of varying sizes; spots on back sometimes forming an internasal band, an interocular band and/or – most often and most prominent – a curved or V-shaped band crossing most of back between eyes and pectoral fins; lateral spots varying in size and number but always a spot at base of dorsal fin and at base of caudal fin present (...) (Dekkers 1975, S. 121-122)

“Sides with black blotches; back with dark transverse band, often including a V-shaped marking behind eyes; often a broad dark longitudinal band separating dark colour of upper part from light colour of belly; apposed surfaces of nasel lobes always without spongy tissue in specimens larger than 60 mm SL (Kottelat (u.a.) 1993, S. 174)




24 °C - 27 °C


small crustacean

Basin size

33 imp.gal.




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