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Characteristics of Monotrete turgidus

Monotrete turgidus

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scientific name

Monotrete turgidus

German Name

Brauner Kugelfisch

English Name

Brown puffer


Tetraodon turgidus

First characterisation

2000 von Kottelat


Fish size

~ 18,5 cm

Gräulich grüne Grundfärbung, dunkle Punkte dicht verteilt auf dem Rücken und an den Seiten. Kein ocellus bei ausgewachsenen Tieren! Dafür haben mehrere der dunklen Flecken eine hellere Farbe im Inneren:


„Distinguished from other species of genus in Mekong basin by: - greenish back with black spots, not well demarcated from belly which can be from greyish to dark brown, with or without dark markings / - adults without ocellus or larger black blotch under dorsal origin, but with several black spots on body with a paler (orange to red in life) central area / - juveniles usually with one or several small red spots on flank. Size up to at least 185 mm SL.“ (Kottelat 2001, S. 166)





25 °C - 27 °C


small crustacean

Basin size

44 imp.gal.

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