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Characteristics of Sphoeroides rosenblatti

Sphoeroides rosenblatti

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scientific name

Sphoeroides rosenblatti

First characterisation

1996 von Bussing


Fish size

~ 22 cm

Siehe Bestimmungsteil von Sphoeroides annulatus!

Das erste Bild (s.o.) zeigt in der oberen Reihe drei Sphoeroides rosenblatti, in der unteren Reihe drei S. annulatus.
Ich danke Herrn Windsor E. Aguirre ausdrücklich für die Bereitstellung dieser Abbildung.



Brackish - Sea water


23 °C - 26 °C




"Both the Palmar mangrove forest and the Javita River had generally hypersaline, warm water (...). Mean salinities did not differ significantly between seasons  (...). The salinity in both areas typically ranged from full strength ocean salinity (35 psu) to hypersaline, with two of the localities registering average salinities over 50 psu in Apr/04. The average water temperatures for the mangrove forest and the Javita River were 27.3 °C and 25.4 ºC respectively in Nov/03. In Apr/04, the average water temperature was significantly greater, rising to 30.8 °C and 31.2 °C for the mangrove forest and Javita River respectively (...). This is in accordance with seasonal changes in the temperature of the ocean along the continental coast of Ecuador due to shifts in the warm El Niño and cold Humboldt ocean currents." (Aguirre u.a. 2006, S. 231-237)

Basin size

110 imp.gal.

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