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Characteristics of Canthigaster jamestyleri

Canthigaster jamestyleri

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scientific name

Canthigaster jamestyleri

First characterisation

2002 von Moura & Castro


Fish size

~ 8,5 cm







Eine kleiner unregelmäßiger dunkler Punkt auf der Rückenflosseunterseite; Linien auf der Schwanzflosse; diagonale Linien auf der Schnauze und zwei dunkle Längsstreifen auf den Seiten des Körpers.

“Canthigaster jamestyleri has minute nostrils, an indistinct lateral line, an a dark spot on dorsal fin base. Snout ist relatively long and very acute. Nostril is single and surrounded by a fleshy rim. Interorbital region is concave. Eye is located slightly above dorsal margin of head. Gill opening is arch shaped, located just enterior to pectoral fin base, and about half the length of pectoral fin base. Mesurements are expressed as percent of SL: head length 36 %-39%, uninflated body depth 32%-40%; and as percent of head length: snout length 56%-63%, eye diameter 21%-28%, interorbital width 24%-27%, pectoral fin length 33%-40%. Pectroral fin has 15 or 16 rays. Dorsal fin is anterior to and larger than anal fin and has 9 rays. Caudal fin is truncate to slightly convex. Small spinules are located on lower part of head and abdomen and have two lateral roots that fold into small sockets. Color is tan, darker dorsally than ventrally, with roundish spots and irregular diagonal lines ventral to pectoral fin base. Side of head and snout are marked with horizontal lines, and two stripes run along body. (McEachran 2005, S. 921)





23 °C - 26 °C




Die Art lebt im tiefen Wasser ab 90 m und dort meist über festem Bodengrund.

“This species occurs in the Western Atlantic from South Carolina to the northern Gulf of Mexico. It is apparently restricted to depths greater than 90 m and is likely associated with hard substrates. (McEachran 2005, S. 921)

Basin size

110 imp.gal.

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