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Characteristics of Lagocephalus lagocephalus lagocephalus

Lagocephalus lagocephalus lagocephalus

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scientific name

Lagocephalus lagocephalus lagocephalus

German Name

Blauer Kugelfisch

English Name

Oceanic puffer


Tetraodon lagocephalus, Lagocephalus lagocephalus, Lagocephalus lagocephalus nigridorsum

First characterisation

1758 von Linnaeus


Fish size

~ 61 cm


11 - 13


13 - 16


13 - 16 (13-15)

Ausgewachsene Tiere haben eine dunkelgrüne, bräunlich graue oder blaue Grundfärbung, weißer Bauch, juvenile Tiere mit ungefähr 9 Streifen, die vom Auge zur Rückenflosse gehen; dunkle Punkte auf dem vorderem Teil des Körpers und der Mitte des Bauches und nahe der Brustunterseite.

„Diagnostic characters:A blunt-headed puffer fish with heavy jaws forming a beak of 2 teeth in both upper and lower jaws. Fins falcate, dorsal fin with 13 to 15 soft rays, anal fin with 11 to 13 soft rays, and pectoral fins with 13 to 16 rays.Pelvic fins absent. Lower caudal lobe longer than upper lobe.Prickles present on belly only. No lappets on head or body. Colour: adults (over 300 mm) dark green or blue dorsally, white ventrally, with distinct dark spots around pectoral-fin base, extending to ventral surface. Juveniles with about 9 evenly spaced bars dorsally. Pectoral fin dark above, with lower third distinctly lighter. Size: Reaches at least 600 mm; common to 400 mm.“ (Shipp 2002, S. 1995)

“(...) body smooth exept for well-developed spinules on belly from chin to anus. In adults lower C lobe is longer than upper. Adults dark green, brownish grey, or blue dorsally, white below. Juveniles to about 18 cm have about 9 uniform bars on back from eye to D; dark spots on front and middle of belly and on side near P base in fish less than 33 cm. One of the largest species, attains at least 60 cm. (Smith, M.M., Jahr?, S. 901)





23 °C - 26 °C


“Circumglobal in warm and temperate seas, Walvis Bay to Beira, primarily pelagic but occasionally entering estuaries." (Smith, M.M., Jahr?, S. 901)

„Habitat, biology, and fisheries: This is an oceanic, pelagic puffer, found at depths to at least 1 000 m; rarely found near shore." (Shipp 2002, S. 1995)

Basin size

440 imp.gal.


Diese Art ist wahrscheinlich tödlich giftig:

"Suspected responsible for fatal poisoning of almost a whole family at Port Elizabeth. (Smith, M.M., Jahr?, S. 901)

 â€žIt is a forage species for larger pelagics. There is no known fishery, and the species may be toxic." (Shipp 2002, S. 1995)


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