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Also the feeding behaviour is from breed to breed very different. So we find breeds under the sea and the coral reefs a lot of fishes (f.e. Arothron and Canthigaster)that eat the periphyton that consists from leave alges, detritus and from lower animals like corals,sponges and so on. The most puffer fishes feed hard shelled invertebrates like snails, shells, sea urges and big as small cancer animals.

Some carnivore puffer fishes have specialized to the hunt of small fishes like fe. the tetraodon miurus, Tetraodon suvatti and tetraodon palembangensis.

They are real lurking hunters and eat also in the tank only fishes. The usual in trade fresh and brackishwater puffers need mainly snails to keep their teeth short. Indeed take all us well known breeds also living and frozen food (a few rare breeds also eat dried food), but must the major part of their food containing living or dead snails.


A few rare breeds a exspecially specialized concern to their food like f.e. some Auriglobus breeds, which have specialized on fishfins and insects or some just slolely eating calamari breeds.

Breeds, that don`t take any hard shelled food in the tank, are doomed to death, because we don`t know how they keep their teeth short in the nature.


In the tank should beside the mainproblem of feeding hard food (also mostly snails) like at all other fishes pay some attention that they get food, which they also get in the nature. So should marine puffers possible get food animals from the sea, and freshwater fishes if possible in freshwater or at land living food animals. Bracksih fishes could get animals from both areas.


Im Aquarium sollte neben dem Hauptproblem der Verfütterung harten Futters (also meißt Schnecken) wie auch bei allen anderen Fischen darauf geachtet werden, dass man ihnen möglichst das Futter zukommen lässt, welches sie auch in der Natur bekommen. So sollten die Meerwasserarten möglichst Futtertiere aus dem Meer bekommen und Süßwasserfische möglichst im Süßwasser oder an Land lebende Tiere. Brackwasserfische können natürlich Futtertiere aus beiden Bereichen erhalten.

Puffer fishes tend to overeat. Because that isn`t very well for them, you should feed them frequently and in not so huge portions. A day without some food in the week, doesn`t harm a good feeded puffer fish and is healthy for him.

Changing the food is advisable at puffer fishes also like at all other fishes.

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