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The technic for sea water is a great issue and has established many different systems, that will not be discussed here. We want to conduct to the homepage of Robert Baur Kruppas, one of the best sea water homepages in europe. All systems are described there in details.


Puffer fishes are a enormous burden to each tank, because of there extreme high food conversation. Their bodies just convert a small percent of their food. Thats why many owners get the impressions of hoggish puffer fishes. On this account you should decide for a system, that is powerfull and keep the water pollution low

Our tanks are prosecuted with the Jaubert system and the Wodka method.


Different to all other sea fishes are puffer fishes unresponsible to lower changes of density, because the most breeds move in their youth age or in incubation time to brackish regions.


Advice: If you install a heater in your main tank, it should be protected (f.e. by a basket), because the most puffers become very big and strong. They could destroy the heater inadvertanly.


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