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Socialisation with marine fishes and invertebrates


Keeping slow fishes, you must look after them to get enough food, because puffer fishes are fast and avaricious. Food revalries should compete with the strength and the size of the puffer fish, because a fish could be bite accidentally by the puffer fish. There are most no worse injuries because puffer fishes release suddenly, but be aware of this danger.


To small fishes (smaller than 3 cm) as well as such with long thin body form (f.e. sea nails) shouldn`t socialised with puffer fishes. The curiosity is too big and drive such daintily fishes to the immediately death. A few rare breeds are general very aggressive. But that is adverted in the breed description.


Left to say that out of feeding time puffer fishes and other stocking are ignoring each other. Often there are not even estuary competitions. It seemed as if the respect for the puffers is too much.

Another theme is the socialisation with other puffer fishes. If they doesn`t have different gender is a socialisation of the same breed often very problematical and can conduct to deadly bite injuries on both sides. Foreign breeds do accept each other without any problems, except the Canthigaster family. There are often observed incompatibilities between canthigaster breeds. We tried to socialise a C. soalndri with a partner and later also with a canthigaster breed. Unfortunately the new puffer was killed by the old puffer with just one attack.

By the socialisation with invertebrates is just an easy rule. Everything which is on the puffers bill of fare doesn`t work. F.E. Scrimps, cancers, prawns, lobsters can`t be socialised.

Starfishes, snails, sea urchins and also anchoret (that could defend themselve) are no problem.

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