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Socialization, with other fishes, is generally no problem. One should only be aware of a few things.
Keeping slow fishes, one has to make sure they get enough food, because puffer fishes are fast and greedy. Food rivals should be able to compete with the strength and the size of the puffer fish, because the puffer fish might accidentally bite a fish. Mostly no serious injuries occur because puffer fishes let go instantly, but one should be aware of this danger!
Too small fishes (smaller than 1.5 inches), as well as, such with a long and thin body shape (for example sea nails) should not be socialized with puffer fishes. Their curiosity is too huge and this can cause an immediate death of those dainty fish. A few rare species are generally very aggressive. This is discussed in the individual species descriptions.
It is left to say that, out of feeding time, puffer fishes and the other fishes ignore each other. Often there are not even estuary competitions. It seems that the respect for the puffers is too massive.
Another topic is the socialization with other puffer fishes. If they do not have a different sex, a socialization of the same species is often very problematical and can conduct to deadly bite injuries on both sides. Puffers of different species/genera do accept each other without any problems, except for the Canthigaster family. There are many observed incompatibilities between Canthigaster species. We tried to socialize a C. soalndri with a partner, and later with a Canthigaster genera. Unfortunately, the old puffer in just one attack killed the new puffer.
The rule for socialization with invertebrates is just as easy. Everything, which is on the puffer‘s bill of fare does not work. Shrimps, crabs, prawns, and lobsters cannot be socialized with a puffer.
Starfishes, snails, sea urchins, and anchoret (that can defend themselves) are no problem.

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